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Roy Anise Bio

Roy Anise joined NJOY in November 2010 and serves as the Executive Vice President reporting the President and CEO.

Before joining NJOY, Roy Anise spent 24 years at Altria/Phillip Morris USA where he served as a Senior Vice President and was one of 12 members on the senior management team reporting to the Chairman and CEO. Roy Anise was also a marketing executive at Altria with responsibility for the Marlboro, Premium Brands and Discount Brands business units. Mr. Anise also led Altria’s new business development division that developed and commercialized new adjacent tobacco products.

Roy Anise also consulted with Pfizer Pharmaceutical on their international smoking cessation product strategies.

Roy Anise earned a post-graduate marketing certificate from New York University, his master of business administration degree from Long Island University and his bachelor’s degree from New York Institute of Technology.

Mr. Anise spent most of his adult life in New York City and is married, has 2 children and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.